Was ist Joom!Fish?

Joom!Fish ist Ihr Schlüssel für mehrsprachigen Inhalt auf Ihren Webseiten. Internationale Portale, Firmen oder Projekte erfordern Inhalte in verschiedenen Sprachen und Prozesse die helfen die Veränderungen der Webseite nachzuvollziehen. Joom!Fish macht genau dies
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Die Joom!Fish Club-Mitgliedschaft ist Ihr Schlüssel zu einer PDF Dokumentation und speziellen Erweiterungen. Der exklusive Club gibt Ihnen auch Zugriff auf die von den Entwicklern betreuten Support Foren und weitere Unterstützung für Ihre Kundenprojekte. Nutzen Sie die Möglichkeiten des Clubs um Ihre Arbeit mit mehrsprachigen Webseiten weiter zu verbessern.

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Official News

Sonntag, 03 Februar 2013 20:04
Mittwoch, 02 Januar 2013 20:44
Welcome to Joom!Fish
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Joom!Fish is a sophisticated extension for the CMS Joomla and allows you to present your website in multiple languages or better localizations. If you like to see what you can do with Joom!Fish the best start might be our demo site, which shows the original Joomla sample information in various languages.

The Joom!Fish core extension including a front-end module for the language selection, all required plugins, a special router for SEF URL's and a highly integrated admin interface is released under the GPL and available without any charge. You can download the extension and some additional free available translations and add-ons from our download page.

In our section about the project you can find information about our history, the team, latest information in the blogs and many more. This section is meant to give you some additional common information about us.

The Joom!Fish Club is a special subscriber only section which allows you to get access to additional documentations, special add-ons for Joom!Fish and also grants you access to our premium support area. The Club benefits are separated in three classes and you can subscribe using our online subscription system. Check it out and see if we can improve your experience with multi-lingual websites even more.

For our extension we offer an extensive online documentation starting with (video) tutorials to make your first steps with Joom!Fish as easy as possible. The section also includes "how to" documents for issues such as the mapping of specific domain names to a language or performance tips for your site. Last but not least it includes developer information and coding guidelines if you like to make your extension Joom!Fish compatible.

For all further questions, either support, technical issues or just the post about your multi-lingual website please visit our community forum. Within this forum you will find a great community that has a lot of experience with the extension and multi-lingual sites. We are looking forward welcoming you in the Joom!Fish community.