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Geschrieben von: Alex Kempkens   
Dienstag, den 06. Januar 2009 um 11:44 Uhr
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First of all I like to wish every reader of the blog, every Joom!Fish user and all members of the team a late Happy New Year. My computer broke down just on the last day of 2008 and I can only see this as a good positive start into 2009 because all backups had been up-to-date and work well :-).

I'm sure you saw the announcement of the stable release of 2.0 and in these 7 days the version is already downloaded more than 3.700 times. I think this is pretty impressive and also shows that we have a lot of more work to be done next. The main effort for 2.0 was the migration towards the new Joomla! framework. This migration is done and now the focus can shift again.

The primary focus on what I personally want to achieve for the next releases is to make Joom!Fish more easy to use. Intiutive user interfaces as well as a better usage of more interactive techniques are what I'm looking for. With the next version of Joomla we will get a better control of the user rights and this should also be reflected within our project. Beside that I have some ideas how the work-flow and process using translations can be improved.

One thing that is absolutely important for such an development is a reliable platform and also a stable development system. To achieve this I will re-start my work on the unit testing framework we are using for the fish. This framework is used just internally as it might require some changes in our class structures and the way we handle certain things. But I'm confident that with the next releases we will be able to introduce more and more of these unit-tests.

Ahh releases, a good point. Within the last twelve month most of you think we did just one major release. For us these had been at least 3, counting all the beta and release candidates as well. The effort for each of these releases even if it is not called a stable release is basically the same. This is why one of our changed concepts for 2009 will be productive releases only. You will not anymore see a Beta or a Release Candidate from Joom!Fish but more regularly you will find a new release. It might be that we even release special versions introducing a dedicated feature just to get some feedback from you. As usual all our work will be maintained in the SVN and the various work items will be created in branches. This was successful for 2.0 and we will continue this process.

Now I will move on doing some work and prepare my ideas for 2009. Again I like to wish all of you a great start into this new year and have fun fishing.