JoomFish says farewell and welcome
Geschrieben von: Alex Kempkens   
Mittwoch, den 21. Oktober 2009 um 09:33 Uhr
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It is always astonishing how time is flying if you work in a great team. The first version of Mambelfish was published back in 2004 and with the move to Joomla the JoomFish project was born. Already back at this time Robin Muilwijk helped the project in translation of our UI and testing the solution for various languages and server scenarios. Together we developed the next (now current) generation of Joom!Fish, version 2.0. Robin was testing a lot and gave us a very useful feedback from his perspective as user and website integrator. End of the this month now Robin will leave the JoomFish core team, to focus on his family and work. He will stay connected with the project as contributor and still be around in our community. The whole team likes to thank him for his work in the core team over the past 4 years. Thanks a lot and and farewell. We hopefully see you once again on one of the events here in Europe.

With the growing community the Joomfish project is happy to have members such as Harri Susi and Carolien de Groot who are helping as moderators in our forum. Beside answering questions they also help to improve our structure and documentation of the project in various fields. We are very fortunate to announce today that Carolien will join the JoomFish core team starting with November this year. Her main focus will stay on the forum moderation and support for our club members. Beside this she will work in the fields of documentation and try to help a more complete base of tutorials, documents and information around the Joomfish project. So in the next time you can expect a growing base of information about how to use Joomfish or how to integrate Joomfish in your web solutions. If there are any ideas, suggestions you have please feel free to post us a note in our forum.