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Written by Alex Kempkens   
Monday, 08 December 2008 21:31

I'm pretty sure most of you relaize that we change slidely our site. There are several results we decided on during our summit. One of it is the fact that we like to make our site more easy to understand and focus on the values of the project and e.g. not on advertising for other sites. This is a reason why we e.g. removed the advertising on some pages.

We are still getting a lot of mails from people asking if they can promote their products and services on our site. I'm very undecided about this as I think our users, customers and all other readers deserve a clear and simple site. On the other side there are some people that really have some interesting services and products and if they like to advertise on the site it would may be add a value for all of you. As I said, I'm very undecided and so far I have not found a solution for it. Please keep on posting me on news of your products, may be we can find a good solution in future.