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Simplicity of managing multilingual websites
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Written by Alex Kempkens   
Monday, 30 May 2011 10:05

Simplicity of managing multilingual websitesMany people asking us quite often how to structure, prepare and build their multilingual websites. In fact often people start without thinking about a multilingual website and then they end up adding more and more translations to it. Based on this experience I created a slide deck that was presented first on the Joomla!Day in Athens 2011. The first part of the slides discuss the primary discussions you need to do while thinking about the idea that your site can become multilingual. Starting from the decisions related automated or manual translations until the facts of the cultural influence your new audience will bring. The second part of the presentation shows some best practices and possibilities how you can simplify the integration process for yourself as well as for your customers.

As I like to make this a little series about how multilingual websites can be build and what is important for them I'm very much interested in your feedback and experience. Please share your feedback to the presentation with me in our JoomFish forum or comment it on slideshare.