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JoomFish team is looking multilingual templates
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Written by Alex Kempkens   
Sunday, 13 January 2013 07:25

Search for multilingual templatesHaving a multilingual website is one part of the game. Of course you like to have a perfect template for it as well. Sometimes combining a template with the additional requirements of multilingual sites isn't that easy.

Based on the own experience I'm wondering if there are template designers out there that do not only implement cool new features, frameworks or responsive HTML5 but also keep in mind the basic m12l requirements. I'm thinking about

  • perfectly configured place for the language changing module
  • nicely integrated flags (may be special flags) or designs for the text/drop down
  • LTR as well as RTL support
  • Different images for the languages (language dependent images are most critical to localize)

Let us know if you work on such templates and especially if you would may be interested to provide the JoomFish club one of these templates once every 3 month. We would love to enrich the service for our club members with such a template.