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Joom!Fish Core Team meeting
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Written by Ivo Apostolov   
Wednesday, 03 December 2008 23:51
You might have seen the picture in my previous blog entry. It was Geraint, Alex and me in a hotel nearby Munich in the last weekend. Unfortunately Robin was not able to come, so it was just three of us there. For me this was the first time to meet with the rest of the guys and it was quite exciting. In my blog entry, I am not going to reveal all we talk about of course, as you may become pretty demanding afterwards.
Alex & Geraint
Some of the important things to mention are that we are striving for a short stable release, however we are more striving for a STABLE, rather than publishing non-bug free release. We have resolved almost all of the issues in our SVN (and all that are of major importance), however we want to polish the small annoying things prior to release. If you note in our forums that I comment something as already fixed for stable and it is that important for you, you can just grab the SVN version, pack it and install. Of course be aware that using SVN version, something might be broken.
Our discussions were very very interesting. From one side, there were the people who actually write the code and more or less act behind the scene like Alex and Geraint. From the other side it was me and Geraint who deal with users mostly (yes, Geraint was from the both sides).
The interesting things are to come, but more or less let's finish the stable first.
Once this happens, there will be certain changes in our forum support. We will have the policy to support only the latest stable release and this would mean that 1.8 version will be left to community support, except there are security issues with it. Joomla! 1.0 will be no longer maintained from the summer and we see no reason to continue the support for 1.8.
The community support will be left till the official support of Joomla! 1.0 is ended and afterwards it will be terminated as well. Honestly to focus on the future, we should drop something in the past.
After 2.0 goes out as stable, our involvement in support forums for it will be very minimal and within our available time for it. Why? Simply because the requests are expected to be more "how to", rather than actual bugs or issues. Our main efforts on support (note once again, we don't expect bugs, but how to questions) of 2.0 will be mainly and with priority to our club members.
Regarding third party extensions support, we will focus and encourage the involvement of the extension developers more rather than end user support. Why? If we can find solution on development level, we can solve hundreds of forum posts for individual support. Therefore we are inviting any third party developer that has interest in being multilanguage compatible to join our tech talk.
Third party issues and support in our forums, on individual basis will be also mainly left on the community. We think within the members of it, there are plenty of skilled people that can help us. We also made appeals for help in maintaining third party developer content elements up to date in our repository, but there was no reply. Club members will receive support on third party issues to certain extend. We don't see ourselves as the one patching and hacking other people's extensions. We of course are ready to help these developers to make the things compatible.
Archived forums - certain forums were never used with the purpose they were created and we decided to archive them. We never though that "Multilanguage solutions" forums will be used for support. Unfortunately it was 99% of the posts there.
Announcements forum - A small change there, we merged the announcements and the discussions into one. Let's keep the things more simple.
Feature requests - The irrelevant part was archived and the remaining sections were merged into one. Once the stable is out we will introduce also a new way of putting feature requests on the table.
Club forums - We have now just two, for support and for the premium extensions.
Web site - we decided to make some changes in our web site and the first step is to move all front page items in to the blog. It was a blog till the moment and we just placed it in the right place. More things to come on that later.
Contributors - we will ask our contributors to update the language files for Joom!Fish for the stable version as well as to send feedback for missing strings. We are also planning to ask them for translation of the documentation and our web site. The reward was and will be a full access (equals to Gold Membership) to our premium extensions, documentation and support (yes, our contributors receive the very same support as our club members).
Documentation - we are aiming for more and better videos. Why? It appears to be easier to understand and people are used to watch rather than read or search. As we provide our Club Members with the premium documentation, with the videos it will be the same. We will have basics (we have these at the moment as well) to understand how to setup and run the things for free and more advanced video tutorials will be available for our Club Members.
Premium extensions - very interesting ideas are on the road, especially from Geraint, however I will keep on our rules to not disclose what will come till the moment we are sure it will come. Our way of doing the things is more we done this and you can access/use it (either for free or not), rather than stating we will do this and that and failing on our promises.
One Bonus for users using SVN versions: Check out the new way of using the mod_translate in the backend, it is still work in progress, but I bet you get the idea.
That's all for now, more to come in the near future :).