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Support, support, support and end user satisfaction
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Written by Ivo Apostolov   
Wednesday, 10 December 2008 23:16
First of all, we are getting a lot of support requests. At the moment of writing this blog post we have the total of 12,583 posts in 2,603 topics by 5,422 members.
Well, believe me or not, but that's a lot of support. And we (the Joom!Fish team) are regularly blamed of "non-providing" support. Maybe. I was not sure about. Therefore, let's go to the statistics. From these 12,583 topics, there is a small breakdown:
- ivo.apostolov: 3,001 posts;
- Geraint: 1,009 posts;
- Alex: 382 posts;
- Tassu - 385 posts;
- RobInk - 44 posts;
We could even consider some of the contributors as support, however as at the moment, we are going to ignore these posts.
So what the statistics say:
- 35% of the posts in our forum are made by the Joom!Fish core members, which basically means that for every two posts in the forum, we is one reply from a core team member.
- 3% of the posts are made by our moderator Tassu.
If we consider some of the contributors, the total percentage of support replies would go above 40%.
I don't know what some users expect as support for a free extension, where the paid support is some of the major things we offer as part of our club. I think the statistics purely indicate that our support covers most of the issues opened in our forum.
And yes, let’s be honest, we offer premium support for the paying members, for the others we do that when we have the free time for it. And I think we make it in way to provide these people good support as well.
Now the end user satisfaction. I read this review in the JED:
This was a great application before the team decided to found a kind of club to provide paying users with updates and let all the others wait about half a year longer for these. 'Simple users' have to wait very long for updates, more than a year longer than the 2.0 update was announced.

You can do that, but don't call it 'non-commercial' any more. What else could be a commercial product?

I reported it, as I consider it as full of lies. I hope that the JED team will consider my arguments, however, I would like to share these with you for one more time.
First of all, what is listed in JED is Joom!Fish Extension and nothing more. We didn't list the club extensions. So I am very shocked of people rating not the extension itself (this is not the only case), but our way of balancing between free stuff and premium stuff. I am also shocked that they even do not rate the club extensions, but they complain because these exist.
Now, let’s see what this user wrote:
1. I don't remember a release being postponed for public for more than three weeks, please remind me if there was such? I already stated in my blog that the pre-releases were available even before the club was founded, it was just the case these were not officially announced.
2. We don't provide club members with something different than the patches we applied in our PUBLIC SVN, which everyone CAN DOWNLOAD. The only thing we provide is the service of packing these patches.
3. All of the patches are available in our SVN, which is public and most of them are even public available in our forum.
4. I don't know how someone could call a product being commercial, when he/she has the very good option to download our latest version (and development build in fact) without any charge? He/She even could pack this and distribute it in whatever place he/she wants? Is this commercial?
I don't think that it is fair. I also don't think that our satisfied members rate us that much in JED in comparison with these frustrated people, who post lies in most of the cases.
So, if you thing we are doing right or wrong, please review us in JED, but be FAIR. We accept criticism, when it is based on facts.