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Joom!Fish documentation overview
Written by Carolien de Groot   
Saturday, 05 December 2009 13:00

jfhelpcenterThe Joom!Fish component helps you building a multilingual website. So on your frontend you can have a language selector and Joom!Fish retrieves the data from the database for that language. You need to enter the translations into Joom!Fish. Joom!Fish is NOT an automatic translator.

If you need instructions, more understanding or some tips & tricks, you've come to the right place.

Joom!Fish Club Members

For club members we have a special section of documentation: Club Documentation.

New to Joom!Fish

If you're new to Joom!Fish then you can best start at the Tutorials section of the documentation.

Having issues?

In the General Docs section of our documentation you can find articles of a general kind including Installation Issues and a FAQ.

When you're using the component, don't forget to press the 'Help' button on the top bar, or to read the tooltips in the component.

More advanced into Joom!Fish

Read some nice Tips & Tricks in the 'How to...' section of the documentation.

Developers of 3rd party components

In the Developers Documentation you'll find articles to make your component ready for translation.

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Selected Contributors

From the Joom!Fish Core team (Alex, Geraint & Carolien) a big thank you to all the people of the JoomFish community!
A special thank to Harri for the moderation in the forum and all our translators.