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The developer documentation is an important part of the project. The Joom!Fish extension is developed and designed to be most easy to use for 3rd party developers. However the concepts of multilingual content isn't trivial.

We like to invite all developers and technical focused community members to join our tech-talk forum. Posting to this forum is on approval only and will talk about technical details related to the fish. You can read the information in this forum at any time as the read access is public.Please sign up in the forum and check out: Tech-Talk forum

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# Article Title Author
1 Compatible Query Construction Geraint Edwards
2 Advanced configuration of Content Elements Ivo Apostolov
3 Creation of Content Elements Ivo Apostolov
4 How to make our components to add the necessary Content Elements? Ivo Apostolov
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Selected Contributors

From the Joom!Fish Core team (Alex, Geraint & Carolien) a big thank you to all the people of the JoomFish community!
A special thank to Harri for the moderation in the forum and all our translators.