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In this category you find the full information of all Joom!Fish help screens. The intro text of the documentation here is also included in the Joom!Fish extension distribution package.
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1 Joom!Fish Control Panel Alex Kempkens
2 Joom!Fish Translation Overview Alex Kempkens
3 Joom!Fish Translation Edit Alex Kempkens
4 Joom!Fish Orphans Alex Kempkens
5 Joom!Fish Manage Translations Alex Kempkens
6 Joom!Fish Content Elements Alex Kempkens
7 Joom!Fish Language Configuration Alex Kempkens
8 Joom!Fish Statistics Alex Kempkens
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From the Joom!Fish Core team (Alex, Geraint & Carolien) a big thank you to all the people of the JoomFish community!
A special thank to Harri for the moderation in the forum and all our translators.