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thumb_voyagesendirect.comVoyages en Direct is a Travel Agency group based in Quebec, Canada. The website is to present the group at a B2B level and also caters to the B2C community that is looking to book their vacations.

Description of the integration : We worked with davidjoly.com to integrate the site, their 10 years experience in the Travel industry enabled us to create some custom modules we needed and along with the CCK Catalog from JXtended, Artio JoomSef and Joomfish we were able to create a Joomla «travel platform» that can now easily integrate the external tools of our booking partners.

Number of languages: 2 (French and English)
Pageviews of the site: Several thousands per day
Type of the site: Commercial - Travel agency

website: http://voyagesendirect.com

joomfish 2.5 download

Selected Contributors

From the Joom!Fish Core team (Alex, Geraint & Carolien) a big thank you to all the people of the JoomFish community!
A special thank to Harri for the moderation in the forum and all our translators.