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The team

The Joom!Fish team consists of several core team members and many others which help in our community. We would like also to thank the many community members which support us with translations, short patches or other small notes which make our project more easy to understand or use.

Alex Kempkens
Monday, 23 April 2007 11:32

Project Leader and developer

Alex KempkensAlex Kempkens was contributor and co-founder of the Joomla project back in 2005. As open solutions are one of the primary drivers for himself he started working on a multilingual solution for the CMS back in 2003. Today Joomla core has incorporated many features that are based on the concepts, ideas and innovations the JoomFish project created back in time.

As member of the Joomla core team Alex worked in many roles and contributed code and time. The idea and initial concepts of a Joomla!Day are based on his contributions. Together with Robert Deutz and Brian Teeman he created the J and Beyond conference what is the European branch of the Joomla world conferences.

Working as agile coach and team manager for HolidayCheck is his primary profession. This knowledge together with the consulting background of Think Network is helping to build localization and translation management solutions that are still outstanding. On the other side is the time contribution for the JoomFish project limited due to these activities as well.

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Selected Contributors

From the Joom!Fish Core team (Alex, Geraint & Carolien) a big thank you to all the people of the JoomFish community!
A special thank to Harri for the moderation in the forum and all our translators.